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Dear Athlete -

L-R: Nico Afranseko, Bill Burnett

Every October, since 2010, we look forward to staging the Scituate Duathlon. With a hint of fall in the air, this event has become a passion of ours. We love inspiring athletes to try this multi-sport event and bringing an exciting community building event to Scituate. We remember Lucas Pozzetta clocking the fastest time the course has ever seen last year with a time of 48:39. We also remember the Crossland family coming across the pond (England) every year to take part in what has become an annual family tradition. And, who can ever forget, Phyllis Mays, at age 82, crossing the finish line in 2014 last but first in our hearts.

Emotionally we want to continue staging this event. Financially, however, it is not feasible to continue. As an example, the Scituate Police Department requires over 30 police details and carries a bill far to large for an event of this size to sustain. Unlike all of our other events which are growing in participation levels, this event has experienced slightly decreased participation levels over the last three years. This is not a factor of our passion behind this event nor the following of our most dedicated duathlon athletes - you all have been wonderful.

We think it is just time. This has been an extremely difficult decision for all of us.

We would like to thank all of our volunteers, coordinators, and athletes for their support over the years. We hope and trust our paths will cross again soon.

Please free to email us with any questions or thoughts.

Thank you,

Bill Burnett
Nico Afranseko